Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rejections - YES, I am a WRITER!!

A couple of rejections in the past week - 'The Big Three-oh" got knocked back by 'Lightspeed' - I was a bit hasty chucking it at them to be honest, but was very impressed by their response speed, and "Trial of Blood" was knocked back by a heroic fantasy anthology - nice rejection though, saying that it was not a reflection of the quality of writing but just not a fit for their book - and an invite to submit to the press's other open submissions - which was nice....

I've made a start at a novel for "National Write a Novel in a Month" - a online group writing project, basically helping to motivate people to bash out 50,000 words in 30 days - it comes out at 1667 words a day. So far I'm about 3 days behind.

Anyhoo - "Trixie goes to work" is the title of this latest masterpiece of sci-fi - it feels pretty good so far, so we shall see if we can reach the magic 50k, and even more magic, actually get to the end without being scared to death of the inevitable re-write (and re-write and re-write...).

A bit of sci-fi drabble - Wide-Screen Space Opera - in 100 words:

The ring habitat was doomed. The swarm closed in on Humanity’s last outpost; a whole species about to be wiped out.
The Voorks cared not.
Commander Blunt of the Human defence force chuckled.
The humans had blundered through Voork space a century ago, seeding Voork worlds with their colonies. No more. The Voork had hunted down their nests and now were poised to destroy the last one.
Too late, thought Blunt as the anti-matter beams lashed through the ring. Humans were out there. Destroy as many nests as you want. Still breeding, still spreading. You can’t kill pests that easy.

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