Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Superheroes SUPER

My immediate task to start the year off is to finish the first rough draft of my superhero story - I'm going to submit it to an anthology about a city that gets invaded by aliens and the superheroes fight back (or not). It's an interesting piece to write for - for once there are quite defined parameters that tell me where the story has to sit within a larger narrative. I really hope I get accepted as I'd imagine there will have to be further collaboration with the Editor to help fit the disparate stories within the bigger story.

However, before that, and before I've even finished the first draft, I'm aware that I have to make my central character more interesting and also make the conflict have more to do with the alien invasion while at the same time keeping a story around my main interesting juggling act.

I've loved superheroes since I learned to read - I remember reading awesome re-prints of classic Hulk vs Thing fights when I was very small - and was fairly serious as a collector in my late teens/ early twenties. I still try to keep up with Alan Moore's (genius that he is) output and usually have a collection from the library on the go - I especially recommend Essential Amazing Spider-Man volumes 4-6.

When I saw the call for submissions - how could I resist...but it is interesting having to craft my own story about my characters while trying to make it fit into someone else's story.

After that - I will write a Flash Fiction piece I have a lingering idea for, then I will have a go at trimming an earlier sci-fi piece down to flash size which may be the best way of punching out the main subject rather than getting it bogged down in lots of story...and THEN, I'll write that novel.

Anyhoo - lets see RedStar (my superhero) in action in just 100 words...

Redstar heard the laser blasts and swooped into the alleyway behind a Vance Foodstore. A man with a gun fired at a security droid, bringing it down. Two others shoved a trolley full of stolen food.
Redstar blasted the gun from the thief’s hand.
“Hold it there,” he said.
The leader spoke. “Vance made us become Contractors then ended our contracts. We can’t claim welfare. How are we supposed to feed our kids?” Behind him, the droid stood back up and aimed a laser cannon at the thieves.
“Freeze,” it grated.
Redstar blasted the droid and let the thieves run.

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