Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I blame the Rugby World Cup!!

A while back I posted on how much I was getting into writing my novel (The Power!!), and how I was cheerfully churning out at least 500 words a day, how I would surge onwards to have a first, rough draft done by Xmas...
Then there was New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging week - I DID achieve my goal of 7 blogs in 7 days, being 7 drabble episodes of a self contained story...but my novel writing slid a little.
And then I reached a bit of a big ending to the first chapter of my novel - and I really had to grind out 500 or so awful words to get going on that bit...and haven't been able to get back to it since.

What also got in the way was talking about an idea I had for a more YA adventure, steampunky story set on Mars at the last Wellington SpecFic meet-up - I worried that the idea was just so unoriginal..but Craig and Paul seemed shocked by the idea that this should stop me writing it. So I started writing it, which gets in the way of the other novel.

Oh, and then Paul said how he was taking submissions for a horror anthology that I thought one of my homeless short stories might fit into so then took some time to tweak that (again).

So all in all, a fair lack of discipline to keep focused on ONE project.

Oh and six weeks of storming rugby action (talking of lacking discipline, I was supporting England) where awesome New Zealand held one of the biggest parties in the world, kept me from The Novel too.

The status now - NZ won the Rugby World Cup (at last), they had a victory parade through Wellington this lunchtime, and I have plugged away at my Mars story.

Goals for November
  • Finish that last bit of the first chunk of The Power (maybe a thousand or so words).
  • Write the 2nd chapter of The War on Mars (2 or 3 thousand words?).
  • Finish editing the horror story for the anthology and submit.
  • Watch less TV.

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  1. Good luck! I know what you mean, the last couple of months seem to have been one distraction after another! Good luck for your November goals :-)