Thursday, June 14, 2012

A distinct lack of activiy caused by Game of Thrones

I’ve been writing...

Not a lot actually, my friendly PHD in English Lit did a thorough proof-read of ‘The Royal Wedding from Hell” and I’m slowly implementing the changes. I’m pleased to say there weren’t that many, I’m just finding it way too easy to watch telly than sit down at my PC - in particular Game of Thrones is the best TV show in years.

Sod it – I WILL finish the final edit. AND, I WILL finish the cover (surely karma, there’s a lot of articles about covers floating round the NZ Spec Fic community right now), AND I will get the story formatted and published on Smashwords, then Amazon, then everywhere else I can find....

As for new stuff... there are things afoot that will get my creative juices flowing. First up is a new New Zealand sci-fi anthology - a follow up to the cracking “A Foreign Country” (which featured my story “Miramar is Possum Free”).

Submissions to the new anthology (provisionally called “Regenerations”) are open to the end December 2012. Which means I’ll probably finish something and get it submitted just before cracking open the New Years champagne.

AND, I will run my fastest ever Half-Marathon on June 24th around Wellington Harbour.

Now – go and buy “Tales from the Bell Club”, featuring my horror story, “The Girl in the Cabin.” – it’s available as an ebook and in a re-cycled tree version.
GO ON, GO BUY IT NOW!!!! Please.

And today’s drabble.....Game of Thrones, Season 1, in 100 words

Under duress, Ned Stark decided to confess to being a traitor rather than denounce the new King, Joffrey Lannister, as the bastard son of his Mother and her twin brother. Joffrey still had Lord Stark’s head.
Ned’s family declares war on the Lannisters. Lord Tywen sends his dwarf son, Tyrian to the capital to be the King’s Hand. Turmoil engulfs the Seven Kingdoms.
Across the sea, Daenerys, the sole heir of the old Mad King, has hatched three baby dragons, and swears vengeance.
In the north, the Night’s Watch see that the White Walkers are rising.
And winter is coming....

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