Friday, May 24, 2013

Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror Review

The Crimson Horror

And to think, I wasn’t looking forward to this one. How wrong can you be? This was an absolute corker. Mark Gatiss, who wrote the earlier corker “Cold War” produces the goods again.
I was ready to hate Strax – but he wins me over, he is a comedy character but he is let loose to be a proper warrior as well.
Perhaps the Victorian era is overly used in Nu-Who, but the Doc has a very solid reason to go there as part of the quest to figure out what/ who Clara is.
Our Silurian and her lady-friend are on good form investigating the weird goings-on, and actually rescuing the Doc (to some extent). Smith, as always, is on excellent form, and JLC finally gets a decent outing as Clara – bringing the sauciness and sassiness of her debut stories.
With Diana Rigg, we have a proper villain – a thoroughly nasty piece of work, perfectly willing to do nasty experiments on her own daughter (played by her actual real daughter, Rachael Stirling). Stirling is superb, blind, disfigured, abandoned yet still capable of compassion and fury. And Rigg is a villain to the end – as she dies she asks her daughter “Can you forgive me?” The daughter replies “never”. “That’s my girl,” says Mum with pride before her last gasp.
All that AND a sort of cliff-hanger/ lead-in to next week as the kids that Clara nannies for discover her time-travelling antics (although Clara seems bemused by the pic of her in Victorian London...) and insist she takes them along...
....along to meet the Cybermen in the next episode it seems..

And now, fanfic/ flashfic..

Consequences of Time – Episode 6
The wind stopped. “That’s better,” said the Doctor. He looked up, but didn’t let Graf go.
“What have you done?” grunted Graf, his voice muffled with his face in the snow.
The snow, which had obscured everything, was now settling. A dark shape ahead was materializing as the view became clearer.
“Your frozen terror,” said the Doctor, letting Graf raise his head.
“What is it?” he asked. The Doctor climbed off. Both men stood.
“No idea,” said the Doctor as he walked towards the large, black cube.
“STOP RIGHT THERE, OR DIE!” boomed a huge, electronic voice. The Doctor stopped.

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