Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drabble a day no3 - a bit of filth.

I'm liking this Drabble stuff - the challenge of making the piece hit exactly 100 words means you have to really be sure each word counts - and its a way of just chucking out little ideas that may never be big enough to sustain a longer story - just a wee snapshot of someone's life.

OK, this one's a bit saucy, well, could be seen as a bit saucy, depends on the reader as always...

“On your knees,” he commanded. She did as she was told.
“You’ve been very bad,” he said. There was no shame in her eyes, only longing.
He slapped her. With every sting of his hand she yelped.
He carried on until her skin was red. It wasn’t enough. He reached for the handcuffs.
She whispered, “No, please.”
“Quiet,” he shouted, “I’m in charge here.
She looked round at him. Dark eyes, under dark lashes beneath dark locks. “I said no.”
He had no choice and manacled her to the bedpost.
He loved her. He was so utterly in her power.

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