Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spec Fic Blogging week - Day 2 - Drabble a day no 2

I managed to read two more stories from "A Foreign Country" - Tim Jones's fascinating, but pessimistic "The Last Good Place on Earth", and JC Hart's thoroughly absorbing and thought-provoking "Birth Rights". It really is a pleasure to get published alongside such good stories - and makes me realise I really need to raise my game.

Anyhoo - today's drabble....I suspect many of you living in Wellington will know where this one's coming from...

It was a furious wind. It bent the trees and sent them hammering into houses; it swirled round the hills and into the gullies. It raced again and again round the wide bowls, thundering over rooftops, shaking the bush and driving hard pellets of rain with it.
And when it had built up enough strength and power, it hurled itself with all its fury at the house on the ridge, slamming into its windows and making branches beat against it in anger.
Inside, I stirred, rolled over and cuddled up to my wife. God bless double-glazing, solid insulation and earplugs.
Also trying to read Iain Banks' "The Wasp Factory" - now there's an imagination....



  1. I don't think I've read any Iain Banks - what would be a good book to start with?

    And thank you, I think what you said about my story is the nicest, most wonderful comment I've had on my short story since people started reading A Foreign Country! :-)

  2. For his sci-fi, published as Iain "M" Banks, I'd go for "Consider Phlebas" - his first SF book which introduces the Culture, who turn up in most of his SF.
    For his, so-called, mainstream fiction, published without the "M", I'd go for "Espedair Street" - not quite so intense as The Wasp Factory. Other people rave about The Crow Road but I've not read it...enjoy!