Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spec Fic NZ Blogging week episode 5

I'm really enjoying Spec Fic Blogging week this year. The genius who got us all to interview each other should be rewarded - it's great to read about the different Spec Fic writers, what they're up to and how they do it.

For example, here's a great interview with Paul Mannering, who was good enough to publish my story in "Tales from the Bell Club".

And this link takes you to the Spec Fic website with all of the great postings.

And on with the show:

Panathea - Bunyip Girl of Prophecy - Episode 5

"You killed my parents, and pretended to kill me," said Panathea to the battered form of Inspector Grunt.

"There was some prophecy," said Grunt, "I assume you know about that."

Panathea sat back. The record had said she would bring down the Big Kahuna and usher in a new age of plenty.

"I'll help you get the Kahuna," said Grunt, "I can use my security clearance, get you close, you can take him out."

Panathea looked to the gang. The Roos seemed keen. The Wallabies were angry. Tangi the Moa was determined.

"Betray us," said Pan, "and you will die."

Hmm, 200 words to wrap this up.....

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