Monday, September 17, 2012

SpecFicNZ Blogging week 2012 - It's ON!!!

SpecFicNZ Blogging week is with us again, and once again I challenge myself to seven posts, seven days, seven drabbles (so seven, exactly, one hundred word episodes) and ONE story.

Last year's effort was called "Going Down" (click here to find part one and go from there) and it was completely made up day by day.

This time round, I've done some more thinking ahead of time...well, I did two parts. Parts 3 - 7 may be a little more improvised.

Without further ado, I present Part One of:

"Panathea - Bunyip Girl of Prophecy!!"

Panathea was born to the sound of gunfire. The copdroids had nearly broken through to her parent’s house.
A bullet took her exhausted Mum. Chester, her Dad, put Pan in the nurse-o-matic and dropped her into the sewer. Prophecy said she would survive. He went to face the authorities.
“Where’s the kid?” growled Sergeant Grunt. Chester’s life dribbled from his bullet holes.
“Gone.” Chester died smiling.
Grunt blasted the only copdroid with him. The public would hear Chester the terrorist was dead. Grunt’s superiors would hear the child was dead. No child, no prophecy.
Prophecies? Surely, they were just crap.

More thrills and spills tomorrow...

Log on to SpecFicNZ and see what else is going on during the blogging week.

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