Thursday, September 20, 2012

SpecFic NZ Blogging week - Episode 3

Oops, missed yesterday so will have to do two today...

Seven days, seven drabbles, ONE story: Episode 3 of:

"Panathea - Bunyip Girl of Prophecy"

Inspector Grunt was called to Big Kahuna himself.
“We got it sweet right now,” he said, “Them poor, they is oppressed, they is hungry, they is broken. Which means they is happy. Which means us one-percenters is happy. Whole world is happy, eh?”
Grunt said nothing.
“ ’Cept for this Bunyip gang!”
“Just a bunch of kids, boss,” said Grunt.
“They busted the Records Office. Kid’s stuff, eh?”
“OK, they’re organised kids?”
“Zat so? How ‘bout that bunyip kid prophecy? Prophecy you was supposed to have nixed, like years ago.”
“We’ll nix it now,” said Grunt, “Nix it real hard.”
More later...

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