Thursday, September 20, 2012

SpecFicNZ Blogging week Episode 4

And on we days, seven drabbles, One story.....

Panathea - Bunyip Girl of Prophecy - part 4

Another city block collapsed but Grunt wasn’t bothered. If he caught the Bunyip girl, all would be forgiven. He ordered the copdroids on, but the Street scum were putting up one hell of a fight.
The gang made their last stand at the last block. Most copdroids assaulted the front. Grunt took a smaller squad to the rear to capture any escaping Bunyip girl.
Suddenly, the copdroids fell silent. A gun was pushed into Grunt’s ear.
“Override command for copdroids; takes a while to work, eh?” said Panathea.
“You’re under arrest,” said Grunt.
“And you’re going to die,” said Pan.
3 episodes to go...but what has been prophesised? And have I thundered towards a finale way too soon?

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