Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going Down - Part 3

And on to Part 3 - a bit of exposition, a smidge of character development and a challenge for our protagonist.

Colin’s life had been rubbed out. Made redundant, defriended from Facebook, bank accounts closed. Utilities had been cut-off and even his flat had been let to someone else. But Colin was no ordinary person; he was an ex-Extreme Customer Service Representative.
In his Orkneys hideaway, he searched through stolen disks on his old PC. One address kept coming up, an office in Swindon.
Now it was time to take his life back.
And then he noticed the tiny chip on the stolen disk. Then he heard the ominous sound of helicopter blades.
The missiles hit the hut; the hut exploded.

This is turning into an interesting writing exercise - just a rush of pure narrative. Character, description (of characters and places etc), dialogue - all have to take a bit of a back seat, but the story just has to charge forward.

So, stay tuned for Part 4 tomorrow - will our hero escape? Who or what is based in the office in Swindon? Don't ask me - I won't find until tomorrow either. I'm sure Colin will be OK...or  will he?

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