Monday, September 19, 2011

New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week - Post1

Seven days - seven drabbles (being a story EXACTLY 100 words long).

And these seven drabbles will be seven, 100 word chapters of a daily serial story. The challenge is that I refuse to make a plan ahead - I'll write each one each day and have to make it work. So we will see..

So here goes with Chapter One of what I am calling "Going Down":

It was a bad week. Made redundant, broken iPod, girlfriend defriending him on Facebook. Then he opened the letter from the bank.
His account was closed because he failed to respond to two letters that he never received. He called the bank.
After a couple of hours, an actual human spoke to him.
“You failed to respond, we closed your account.”
“Where’s my money, then?”
“But you don’t have an account.”
After an hour of this, Colin realised that he wasn’t speaking to a human after all.

But they’d messed with the wrong man. It was time to fight back.

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