Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going Down Part 6

“Tell us,” said Vellus, the Leader, “The name on the discs?”
Colin shrugged. “An office in Swindon. Taking away people’s lives, erasing them. From all systems.”
“The name?” said Vellus. Tasha watched a monitor.
“My name.”
“Time travel,” said Tasha. “Screws everything. The drones are getting closer.”
Vellus sighed. “If we send you back, you’ll take charge of everything.”
Colin smiled. “Kill me now.”
“No need,” said Tasha. “The drones are here.” She tapped her wristpad.”
The drones poured death upon their bunker.
In the office in Swindon, Colin looked up. A naked girl had appeared in front of him.

Is Colin finally dead? Or is he behind the whole conspiracy? Is there any hope that any of this will make any sense at all?

Tune in tomorrow for the last part!!!!

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