Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The sweet smell of rejection....

Ah well - last month I promised my Monster Hunter story would be out there by now - it went out there and came right back. To be honest, it was written because there was a deadline, not really from a sense that I had a story to tell, so it couldn't help but be a bit clunky and odd.
Also - my tale of rock'n'roll'n'zombies got spat back - at least not actually rejected but the anthology that it was intended for has been put on hold for at least a year...which is a pity because I quite liked that one. We will see where else it can go. Suggestions welcome.
The anthology that "Trip Hawker and The asteroid of Vengeance" was supposed to be going into seems to have frozen - no updates, no replies etc for months.
Hopefully my superhero story will make the final cut for its anthology (and hopefully there'll be updates for that soon..).

HOWEVER - as I said last time round, the Spec Fic meet-up fired up my writing muscles and I have started on The Novel - called, at least at this stage, "The Power". It's meant to be Ian M Banks meets Jack Kirby - superhero schenanigans with some blunt edges. I had the idea of writing this piece of prose in a series of chapters like a series running through several comic books, giving me the chance to bounce between the major viewpoints as we go. I did a load of rough, rambling background and have now got stuck in. I've managed 5500 words in six days, and WILL write at least something every day on this until its FINISHED. And lo, it shall be so.

Unless Spec Fic Blogging week gets in the way. From next Monday 19th September, I'll be blogging every day for a week along with a 7 episode drabble story - 100 words an episode for 7 days - I wonder what I'll end up with?

Today's Drabble - inspired by the continual lurch between financial crises that the US and Europe seem to find themselves in these days..

It seemed that the shovelling was nearly finished. The shift leader, Gork had realised that there hadn’t been any massive trucks for at least an hour. Nothing new had been added to the pile.
“Nearly finished, lads.”
The boys got stuck in again, shoving piles of paper and metal into the hole.
Gork’s phone rang. He listened and groaned. “Sorry lads, they agreed to give the Government more money.” They heard trucks approaching.
The trucks tipped out more good money. It didn’t take long for it to rot down to bad money. It all got poured into the bottomless pit.

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