Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going Down - Part 4

And on we go......

Sergeant Stein was satisfied with the test firing. Admittedly, it was hardly the toughest shot, just an old hut.
Obviously, the hut was uninhabited.
Though, there had been that flash in the window.
But his Commander said it was empty, so that was that.
The Commander didn’t question the mission. He reported its success to the Ministry.
The Civil servant approved the report and sent it to the Department.
The department noted the approval and sent it to the originator.
In an Office in Swindon, a box was ticked, and the paper filed.
No need for questions. Everything was approved.

Crikey - I've only got three hundred words to wrap this thing up! Did Colin escape? And if so, HOW?

A quick Beta City update - I asked what was happening with the anthology and the editor, Michael C Lea was good enough to get back - it's all still moving forward, abeit a little slowly, mainly due to various issues.

I really hope I make the cut with this one - Michael has a professional approach so I'd hope that this would be a really good book to be in. Fingers continue to be crossed.

"Rockets, swords and rainbows", however, seems to have slid into some strange limbo and I don't seem to get any updates...

Ah well, I will carry on hammering out my novel - hopefully finish the first rough-as draft by year end then I will revisit my homeless short stories, see if I can spruce them up a bit and find them homes.

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