Friday, September 23, 2011

Going Down - Part 5

Colin’s hut was obliterated. With him in it.
He sat up. A car flew past the window.
“That worked, then,” said the brunette, donning a black body suit. Colin was naked.
She threw him a suit. “Clothes don’t do time travel. I’m Tasha.”
“Time travel?”
“Yes. You were completely incinerated. But you’re too important to die. I had to save you.”
Colin felt tingly as he dressed.
“Sub-atomic mapping.”
She glanced out the window. Drones fired energy bolts at them.
Tasha tapped the wall. A green glow appeared. She grabbed Colin.
Colin’s body dissolved. They flew into the energy stream.

Hmm, all getting a bit weird now - who would have thought that there would be time travel? Certainly not least, until I had to think of some way of getting Colin out of the hut.

More tomorrow as we thunder towards our big finale....and I promise, no cop-outs!

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